December 11, 2012
What We’ve Been Up To

Dear ISEE students and community,Happy December holidays to you all from cozy New England! We’d like to give you some news and updates on classes, workshops and programs.

What We’ve Been Up ToISEE opened in October of 2011, and we have had a very successful year in 2012. We have offered classes on anatomy, sexology, holistic sex education and sex therapy methods, Tantra, trauma, sex in later life, sexuality and drug issues, gender variance, and so many more, all using a unique holistic teaching method. We have had great guest speakers such as Tammy Nelson and Gina Ogden who have offered their workshops to very satisfied students. We have drawn students from all over the country and are beginning to see international students attend. Students who attend once are returning again and again, even those not interested in certification. New students are joining the certificate programs. We are so happy that our students appear to be gaining so much from their learning and we, the faculty, are delighted with what we learn from you. The caliber of student at ISEE is amazing, we thank you for attending and enriching us with your presence.

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