The ISEE Concept:
Holistic Sex Education Training™

ISEE courses include professional development for health care and behavioral health practitioners as well as personal growth workshops for individuals or partners.

What if you could have a deeply meaningful and yet playful workshop, by yourself or with a partner where you explored and learned what you never knew about your sexuality?

What if you could get credit for professional development while also having a deeply pleasurable experience of learning?

What happens when we study something not just from an intellectual place, or from an emotional place, but from an embodied place?

What happens when we learn not only by talking to each other, but also by internalizing these concepts physically?

And how would you do that, anyway?

What if you went to one workshop that taught you how to think differently about sex, and then moved to music?

What if you did yoga stretches during a workshop about gender identity?

The ISEE concept was created by its founder to facilitate a profound opening of our awareness. We believe that we learn best when we are having fun, challenging our minds, and our whole bodies are engaged.

ISEE is now meeting in Northampton, Massachusetts–a wonderful, walkable, LGBT-friendly town with plenty of great restaurants, events and culture. We believe that meeting in this place enhances the learning experience for students.

What Makes ISEE Different? The Holistic Model of Sex Education

Because most of us have learned about sex in less than desirable ways, the study of sexuality often brings up intense emotions, excitement, hopes and fears. Even when we are in a professional atmosphere, it is essential that we give ourselves room. The Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment hopes that its students walk away with not only cutting edge knowledge of the topic at hand, but also a deeper sense of connection with the material.