Date : 2/8/19, 4-5 PM EST
Presenter : David Ley
Why do people continue to believe in sex addiction when the research shows that it's not a good model for treatment of sexual compulsion? David Ley, the author of The Myth of Sex Addiction, has explored these issues in depth, and is known as someone who has paved the way for the use of a sexual health model for clients with compulsive sexual behaviors. This interview with Dr. Ley will examine case examples and explore questions such as
  • What might be something that looks like "addiction" but is, in fact, another mental health issue?
  • How do we bring a sexual wellness message in to clients who present with self- or spouse-diagnosed “sex-addiction”?
  • What are some good questions we can ask clients in evaluation sessions to begin to frame the sexual health model in the minds of our clients from the beginning of their treatment? what are some good resources for clients and therapists?