Community Education & Wellness Library CEWL

The Community Education Wellness Library (CEWL) is content created by the ISEE community including faculty; alumni; and professionals currently enrolled in our Holistic Sexuality Educator/Therapist/Counselor Program. 

Courses in CEWL are for personal growth and/or professional development and topics are diverse and intersect with sexuality in a holistic way. The purpose of CEWL is to create a collaborative space where the skilled and talented voices of the ISEE community are uplifted and centered. Learners will be introduced to topics that span breadth and depth of knowledge within holistic wellness–which includes sexuality, but is not limited to it. 

CEWL courses do not offer AASECT or ISEE CE’s.

If you are a ISEE student and want to participate in CEWL, please fill out this form.

CEWL Transparency

  1. Content Creators own and price their own work. 

  2. CEWL classes cannot be refunded after purchase.
  3. Content Creators agree to comply with ISEE’s Sustainable Justice Policy.
  4. Courses in the CEWL do not qualify for AASECT Continuing Education Credit. 
  5. The Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment does not claim ownership of the content in CEWL, it is owned by the content creator. Views, values, and claims shared in a creator’s course may not be shared by ISEE.

6. If the content is found to be unethical, harmful, or inaccurate, the content will be removed. Please contact the CEWL Contact Creator directly with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Disclaimer: The Community Education Wellness Library is a collection of classes created by members of the ISEE community (students, alumni, faculty) on any wellness topic. It is not limited to sexuality, but assumed that all topics have implications for our sexuality. Please note: The views of the presenter do not necessarily reflect the views of ISEE. In addition, no refunds are available. This decision was made to keep the administrative costs of the classes low. We hope you enjoy your CEWL class!

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