Can anyone take an ISEE class?

Yes, anyone over 18 years old. ISEE has classes for professionals, as well as individuals or partners. Professionals such as psychotherapists, counselors, nurses, occupational therapists, educators, or others may take skill-based classes for credit or professional development. Individuals and partners can take personal growth workshops. Many laypeople also find the professional workshops helpful for their own sexual and emotional wellbeing.

Is ISEE recognized by any professional organizations?

Yes. ISEE is an approved institutional provider of continuing education for the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT). APA CE's: AASECT is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. AASECT maintains responsibility for this program and its content. ISEE offers AASECT CE’s, which can also be applied toward APA certification or recertification. Please check your state licensing board to make sure that your state accepts all APA approved sponsors, in a few cases states do not. For more information see Note: Although all ISEE classes offer AASECT CEs, attendance at ISEE classes does not guarantee AASECT certification. ISEE also offers CT AMFT CEUs for many of our classes. Please see the Education for Professionals page for details.

What is AASECT?

AASECT is a not-for-profit, inter-disciplinary professional organization that exists for the purpose of furthering quality sex therapy & sex education. For more information, please see

Does ISEE offer certifications in sex education?

Yes. ISEE certifies students as Holistic Sex Educators™. ISEE also offers all of the educational hours necessary to be certified with AASECT as a sex educator, as well as a supervised internship*. * See Note in Q2

Does ISEE offer certifications in sex therapy?

Not exactly. ISEE offers all of the educational hours necessary to be certified by AASECT*; additional hours in supervision & professional experience are required to reach full certification status. Please consult AASECT for more information. *See Note in Q2

Where does ISEE meet?

ISEE offers many classes online, as well as take-home study courses. However, most of our classes currently meet in-person in the Northampton, MA area, and in Portland, Oregon.

Does ISEE offer consultation or advising?

Yes. ISEE’s executive director & founder, Dr. Rosalyn Dischiavo, is available for consultation & advice on a number of topics related to sexology, sex education & sex therapy. Advising: Dr. Dischiavo offers advising sessions to help 1. With the AASECT certification process--which classes you have taken go into which categories, what areas you may need more hours in, etc. 2. With your career goals and which direction you may want to take. 3. Supervision for sex educators (see Supervision) She does not offer sex therapy, in person or online. For a consultation or advising appointment, please call us at 860-384-0432.

How can I register for an ISEE class?

Anyone can register for an ISEE course through our website, using this link: ISEE Workshops. For more information, please email

How do ISEE certificate programs work?

They are a combination of webinars, take home study, and in-person classes in Northampton, MA or Portland, Oregon. The live classes meet twice for about a week each time. Attendance at live classes are mandatory for people wishing to complete our certificate programs.

Can I join a certification program at any time?

Yes. Our certification program is ongoing, & students can fulfill the requirements at their own pace.

How do I join the certificate program?

Students must fill out an application in order to join the certificate program. Please contact for more information or to receive an application.

Do I have to attend each ISEE session to get my certificate?

All of the live sessions, yes. The webinars are on your own time. Live (synchronous) webinars happen regularly, and recorded webinars are always available at the Classes & Workshops tab of our website.

I find the AASECT certification process confusing. Where can I get more information about how it works?

We have recorded a free webinar to help you to understand AASECT certification that also includes some information about how ISEE can help. Whether you take our classes/webinars or not, this video is helpful to understanding the process. You can find it here: Understanding AASECT Certification Video.

Does ISEE Offer Supervision?

Dr. Dischiavo is a Certified Sex Educator Supervisor. You may contact her directly to arrange for supervision for a fee. If you enter our certificate program, your supervision is included. ISEE does not offer sex therapy or sex counseling supervision.