The Deep Yes: The Lost Art of True Receiving

What does it mean to say Yes to receiving—without guilt or shame? How many of us can say that we use our bodies to do this with sleep, rest, food, touch or love? What would it add to our lives to learn the Deep Yes in ourselves? Could it help us with addictive or “stuck” behaviors? Could it be the change that makes all of the difference in our lives? In this wonderful new book, Dr. Rosalyn Dischiavo describes how and why people in western societies seem to have trouble with receiving and then offers simple practices you can use on a daily basis to create lasting happiness and contentment in your life.

What Psychology Professionals Should Know About Polyamory

This booklet is the result of several years of work. As activists, researchers and presenters in the field of non-exclusive relationships, we time and again heard stories of polyamorous individuals and couples who found themselves pathologized by the very counselors and helping professionals they turned to in times of trouble. The trauma and needless emotional distress this engendered touched our hearts and strengthened our resolve to help.

Orientation as a Living Entity

These aspects of ourselves are the limbs and digits of our world. They are not simply we humans expressing ourselves, they are life expressing itself through us.
Sex Scared

Sex Scared

Video about erotophobia, the fear of sex in American society, and its implications.


A teaching tool to demonstrate how sex education is treated differently than any other type of education, and to highlight fears about sexuality in our culture.