• Workshop Exercise

  • Wendy Haggerty, LMFT & ISEE instructor, with a student

  • Dr. Rosalyn Dischiavo, founder & director

  • A group exercise during an ISEE workshop

  • A SAR: Sexual Attitude Reassessment class

  • Students at an ISEE SAR.

  • Institute for Sexuality Education & Enlightenment

  • ISEE 2015: ISEE 2015

  • joleen: Joleen Nevers, Faculty

  • Kellie Ryan, Instructor: Kellie Ryan, Instructor

  • Anita Hoffer: Anita Hoffer, Faculty

  • Paul Nelson: Paul Nelson, Instructor

  • Kristen: Kristen Chamberlin, Faculty

  • ISEE 2015

  • SAR in Wichita, Kansas

  • ISEE T-shirts, Pleasure is Healing!

  • Roz & Wendy Haggerty at the CT AMFT Conference

  • Sweet Anatomy

  • ISEE students at Graduation

  • Future sex therapists

  • Angie, our web angel

  • ISEE 2015

  • Appreciations

  • Movement exercise, Sex Therapy Training

  • Sexuality, Ritual and Healing Class

  • Student and Director

  • Student and Director

  • July 2015

The ISEE Concept:
Holistic Sex Education & Workshops

Project Eve ContributorISEE is an approved organizational provider of Continuing Education for the American Association for Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). Our courses include professional development for health care and behavioral health practitioners as well as personal growth workshops for anyone interested in improving their lives, sexually, emotionally, or spiritually.

Recorded Webinars for Credit now Available!–click here!

Sex Education Training & Sex Therapy Training in !

Check out our July classes. There are many offerings, including a week of various workshops that count toward sex education training for AASECT certification, and a week of sex therapy training also good for AASECT certification. Click here to scroll through classes or to register.

We’ve moved! ISEE now meets in Northampton, Massachusetts, beginning in March, 2015. Northampton is a wonderful, LGBT-friendly town with many restaurants, cafes, and cultural events.

Check out our Take-Home Courses! Many of our programs can be completed in your own home, for AASECT CEs. Here is a sampling of the ISEE programs available as Take-Home Courses:

  • Orientation as a Living Entity
  • Sexological Anatomy
  • Sex & Drugs
  • BDSM & Kink
  • Ethics & Sex Education

Contact ISEE at info@instituteforsexuality.com for details!


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