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Holistic Sex Counselor Training Programs

ISEE offers 2 Options for you to learn about sex therapy.

Certified Holistic Sex Therapist™️ Training Program & ACES: Advancing Clinical Education in Sexuality

ISEE offers a new option for Sexuality Counseling for

medical and healthcare professionals. See video.

Certified Holistic Sex Therapist™️ Training Program

Greatly improve your knowledge, skills and confidence in your practice. ISEE was born with the idea of wedding the principles of body-mind with solid academics.  What makes ISEE different? Your personal growth is as important to us as your academic growth and your professional success. Our graduates are sought after for their superior training and integrity. For more in depth information, please watch the video and examine the learning paths below. We go deep, engaging you in important questions, an intersectional approach, and challenging you to see new perspectives. Our embodied approach is backed by research, you will have some of the best instructor-practitioners in the field.  HSET has approximately 200 hours of comprehensive training in holistic methods of sex therapy and counseling that you can also use  toward AASECT certification requirements.* Receive reduced rates on supervision from many AASECT Certified Supervisors*, allowing you greater choice in your supervision.  Watch the video below for more information. For accessibility please download transcript here, or watch on YouTube for captions). 

2023 / 2024 Learning Path For Sex Therapists & Counselors

This program has 2 parts: 1) On-Demand Learning 2) Streaming-Live Classes

Click here for 2024 Streaming-Live class dates 

Learning Paths 1 -7 are self-paced, on-demand webinars and The Streaming Learning Path classes are offered twice yearly. If you purchase the program in full, you will have 2 years to complete. Enrollment is rolling, you may enroll and begin at any time.

Learning Path 1: Lay of the Land

  • Sexological Anatomy. CE: 3
  • Revolution: New Ideas in Gender & Orientation. CE: 3
  • Erotophobia: Cultural Impacts. CE: 1.5
  • Ethics as a Dialog: Understanding the AASECT Code of Conduct. CE: 3
  • Responsive Desire: The Science Behind Come as you are. CE: 1
  • Principles of Holistic Sex Education. CE: 2
  • How Do I Tell You? Sexual Communication Skills. CE: 2.5
  • Love 1A. CE: 3

ISEE strongly recommends completing LP1 before attending the SAR

Total Recorded Webinars: 8

CE/Hours: 19

Learning Path 2: Stocking your Backpack

  • Intersections of Sex and Technology. CE: 3.5
  • Sex Research: Reading it, Understanding it, and Putting it to use. CE: 3
  • Sex & Psych: The Positives and Pitfalls of Psychiatric Issues in Sexuality. CE: 6
  • The Myth of Sex Addiction: A Conversation with David Ley. CE: 1
  • Child and Adolescent Sexual Development. CE: 3
  • Twenty-Something to Fifty: Adult Sexual Development. CE: 1.5
  • Silver Sex: Treasures in Sex and Aging. CE: 3
  • Sexual Coercion. CE: 3

Total Recorded Webinars: 8

CE/Hours: 24

Learning Path 3: Using Your Tools

  • Troubleshooting Pleasure: Orgasm, Sensual Pay and Sex Toys. CE: 3.5
  • Alternative Lovestyles: Working with Polyamorous Clients. CE: 3
  • Ethics Take-Home Class. CE: 4
  • When Sex Goes Wrong: Common Sexual Dysfunctions. CE: 7.5

Total Recorded Webinars: 3

CE/Hours: 18

Learning Path 4: New Lands and People

  • Sex Positive Christianity: A Method for Healing. CE: 1.5
  • Osunality: African Eroticism and Non-Phallocentric Sex. CE: 1
  • Sex Therapy with Orthodox Jewish Populations. CE: 2
  • Sex, Status and Money. CE: 1
  • Working with Kinky Clients. CE: 2
  • Daddy Doms and “Littles": Power Dynamics and Age Play. CE: 1
  • Perfect Until Cut: The Life of an Intersex Activist. CE: 1
  • Muslim Sex Ed: Approaching the Practices of Sex Therapy and Sex Education with North American Muslim People. CE: 1.5
  • Demystifying Sex Work. CE: 2

Total Recorded Webinars: 9

CE/Hours: 13

Learning Path 5: Taking Care of the Body

  • Safer Sex & STIs for Professionals: Contraception, Prevention, and Sexual Decision Making. CE: 4
  • Pregnancy and Sexuality. CE: 3
  • Sex on the Spectrum: An Overview of Autism and Sexuality. CE: 2
  • Sex Under the Influence: Substance Abuse and Sexuality. CE: 3
  • SexAbility: The Impact of Physical and Psychological Challenges on Sexual Well-Being. CE: 3.5

Total Recorded Webinars: 5

CE/Hours: 15.5

Learning Path 6: Mastering the Tasks

  • Educational Skills for Sex Therapists. CE: 1
  • Professional Communication Skills. CE: 3
  • Theory and Methods of Sex Therapy Take-Home. CE: 10
  • Out of Control Sexual Behavior. CE: 5

Total Recorded Webinars: 4

CE/Hours: 19

Learning Path 7: Our Evolution

  • A History of Sexology. CE: 3.5
  • Surrogate Partner Therapy, an Introduction. CE: 1
  • Metamorphosis: Working with Polyamorous Systems Using a Step Family Model. CE: 1

Total Recorded Webinars: 3

CE/Hours: 5.5

Live-Streaming Classes

Live-Streaming Classes are offered 2 times per year. You have the power to schedule yourself for times that work for YOU! These classes are not recorded. Participation is required. Classes are facilitated via Zoom. To view our schedule of upcoming streaming courses please click HERE.

  • SAR (Sexual Attitude Reassessment). CE: 16.5
  • Sex & Culture: Exploring Intersectionality in the Practice of Sex Education & Sex Therapy. CE: 6
  • Joy of Intimacy: Communication & Relationship Skills. CE: 6
  • Pleasure: Everything You Need to Know. CE: 6
  • Sex & Power: BDSM 101. CE: 6
  • Sacred Sexuality. CE: 6
  • Embodied Homework for Sexual Partners and Holistic Sex Ed Students. CE: 3
  • Principles of Holistic Sex Education. CE: 2
  • Common Issues in Couples and Partners Sex Therapy. CE: 6
  • Sexuality & Trauma: Healing Through Embodiment. CE: 6
  • The Exceptional Therapist: Theory & Methods of Holistic Sex Therapy. CE: 18
  • Sexuality, Ritual, & Healing. CE: 3

Total Live-Streaming Classes: 12

CE/Hours: 84.5

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are purchasing this Learning Path as part of completing all requirements for HSET or HSTT, you will need to use this page as a reference to ensure you complete all requirements for certification, and you will need to purchase each streaming course separately. If you can, we strongly encourage you to buy the full program up front, as this will save you hundreds of dollars.

Total classes & CE/Hours

Total Recorded Webinars: 40

Total Take-Home: 2

Total Recorded Webinar & Take-Home CE/Hours: 114
Total Streaming CE/Hours: 84.5


ISEE Counseling Program for Medical Professionals

ISEE is delighted to have teamed up with the Pelvic Health Sexuality Counseling Program with Heather Edwards, PT, CSC-S and Dr. Uchenna Ossai to create complementary programs that offer all CE's needed to supplement and support an application for AASECT* Certified Sexuality Counselor. This program is a much-needed education for anyone in the medical field to better inform their practice and to master essential skills in your work. Students have one year to complete all classes.

What's the difference between Sex Educator and Sex Therapist?

Watch this video --> 

Investment: USD $5,840

Certified Holistic Sex Therapist™️ Training Program

3 Ways to Pay

1) If tuition is paid in full, save $300

2) Monthly payment plans are also available, which spaces out the costs. Please apply by clicking Enroll below and we will contact you.

4) For equity and recognition of the importance of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and/or Person of Color) leaders in the fields of sexuality, $250 scholarships are available. Please contact us for information.

Some international discounts are available. Please write us for more information.

ISEE class, Portland

Dual Enrollment: Add Education Skills

Asian man with glasses smiling, writing on newsprint looking at viewer

If you'd like to add sex education skills to your sex therapy skills, you can opt for dual enrollment. Dual Enrollment adds several classes to your curriculum, giving you valuable skillsets such as how to create a retreat or workshop, how to teach a webinar, tech hints and hacks, educational philosophy and more.

Education Curriculum

Dual Enrollment: Education Additions

  • Professional Presentation Skills. CE: 6
  • Small Group Leadership in Sex Education: CE 1.5
  • Principles of Sex Research: CE: 14 
  • The Exceptional Educator: Theory and Methods of Sex Education: CE: 16.5
  • Therapeutic Skills for Sex Educators: CE: 3

CE/Hours: 41

Investment: $950 (save $70)

Dual-Enrollment students have an extra 6 months to complete the program.

ACES: Advancing Clinical Education in Sexuality

The ACES certificate is for clinicians (medical, psychotherapy, human services, and others) who wish to have a better understanding of human sexuality from which to practice. ACES instructors are some of the best in the fields of sex therapy and other disciplines. You can begin your program at any time and go at your own pace. All classes offer AASECT CE’s* for those who decide to go on toward a certification or need continuing education hours. (AASECT CE’s are also accepted in many states toward licensure. Please check your state licensing website).

ACES Curriculum:

Program Outline:

  • Erotophobia: Cultural Impacts. CE: 1.5
  • Sexological Anatomy. CE: 3
  • Revolution: New Ideas in Gender & Orientation. CE: 3
  • Child and Adolescent Sexual Development. CE: 3
  • Silver Sex: Treasures in Sex and Aging. CE: 3
  • Intersections of Sex and Technology. CE: 3.5
  • Responsive Desire: The Science Behind Come As You Are. CE: 1
  • BDSM Nuts and Bolts. CE: 3
  • Polyamory 101. CE: 2
  • When Sex Goes Wrong: Common Sexual Dysfunctions. CE: 7.5

Total Recorded Webinars: 10

CE/Hours: 30.5

ACES certificate holders who wish to deepen their learning by enrolling in an advanced Certificate Program will receive $300 off the Certificate Program tuition. Your credits will transfer to the Certificate Program of your choice.

Investment: USD $915 $865

Participants can take up to 10 weeks to complete the program. Participants in ACES will receive a digital ACES Certificate upon completion. Printed certificates are also available.

This program comes as-is and is not customizable. Upon enrollment, learners may attend Zoom office hours with the faculty to support their journey. Learners can print out certificates for each class on the go!

Smiling young woman, casually dressed, using technology at work and taking notes (blue background, copy space).

ISEE class, Portland

Who are the Holistic Sex Therapy Training Programs for?

  • Psychologists
  • Marriage and family therapist
  • Clinical social workers
  • Licensed counselors
  • Planned Parenthood workers
  • Clinical workers
  • Medical professionals - doctors, nurses, physicians, assistants, etc.
  • Midwives and doulas
  • Massage therapist
  • Mental health care professionals
  • Counselors
  • Certified behavior analyst

We see you, we care about you. Be part of the ISEE Community!

ISEE has great opportunities for students to network and learn from each other. You will be welcomed into our student and alumni social network, weekly peer-to-peer presentations (Webinar Wednesdays), and Student Engagement EXchange (S.E.X.) Events, our Student Activities group.

ISEE In-Person Class Activity

About AASECT Certification*

AASECT membership is not a requirement for our program, but AASECT CE’s are offered for those who want them. You do not have to want, or apply for, AASECT membership to enroll in any of our programs.

The Certified Holistic Sex Therapist™️ & Holistic Counseling Training Program include all Sex Therapy Training hours (Core Knowledge, Skills Training and SAR)  required by AASECT. This includes recorded webinars and take-home courses. HST provides access to supervision by an AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator Supervisor at a discounted rate.

The ACES certificate meets the requirements of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) and is approved for 97 CE credits (SASE is excluded) that may be applied toward AASECT certification and renewal of certification. Institute for Sexuality Education & Enlightenment, Provider #11-113-C. Completion of this program does not ensure or guarantee AASECT Certification. 

ISEE is an approved organizational provider of AASECT CE’s, Provider #11-113-C. Attainment of AASECT CE’s does not ensure or guarantee AASECT Certification. For further information please see http://aasect.org or contact [email protected]

If you are located in the United States, you must be 18 years or older to enroll.


Click here for more info about supervision.


Counselors (not therapists)*, if you are seeking AASECT accreditation. our program does not include the AASECT Sex Counseling Training category VI, (A) Theory and Methods of Personal/Individual Counseling. You will need to seek to fulfill this category on your own.

Sexuality Counselors represent a variety of professions, ranging from medicine to the clergy. See the video below to help discern between educators, counselor and therapist categories.


Once you enroll, you receive access to reduced rate supervision with multiple AASECT Certified Supervisors in Sex Education, Counseling and Therapy. You have from 10-12 supervisors to choose from, many more than other programs.

Collage of ISEE Supervisors

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