ISEE offers small-to medium-sized collections programs on-demand, and live-streaming webinars that lead the learner through a particular path of study with the goal of gaining expertise in a particular subject.

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Who are the Mini-Programs for?

Mini-Programs are the perfect way to learn more information without committing to a full program. Mini-programs still offer ISEE and AASECT CE’s, in case you are interested in pursuing certification later. People who take the mini programs often include:

  • Psychologists, psychotherapists, marriage and family therapists and clinical social workers
  • Healthcare and medical professionals
  • AASECT Certified Professionals needing CE’s
  • LGBTQIA activists
  • Adult Toy sellers
  • Sex Educators, especially those with no Bachelor’s degree, and aspiring Sex Educators
  • Sex Coaches
  • Midwives, doulas and birthing professionals
  • Certified behavior analysts
  • Tantra and sacred sexuality teachers
  • Sex workers wanting to change professions or add aspects to their work

On-demand ISEE Mini-Programs:

Sexual Wellness Education and Enlightenment Training (SWEET) Certificate

SWEET is a fully self-paced, online, holistic, sexual wellness program for anyone* who wants to broaden their knowledge in topics of sexuality. There are no prerequisites and the program can be started immediately. Because it is recorded, classes can be watched in any time zone, at any time. SWEET can be accessed from various devices, including smartphones. A training certificate is provided upon completion. 

Advancing Clinical Education in Sexuality (ACES) Certificate

The ACES certificate is for clinicians (medical, psychotherapy, human services, and others) who wish to have a better understanding of human sexuality from which to practice. ACES is a self-paced, online program, offering nine courses, totaling 30 continuing education hours (CEs). All of the CEs are AASECT approved.

Sex and the Body: Common Health Issues and Sexuality Competency Certificate

Sex and the Body is a collection of webinars that lead the learner through Common Health Issues and Sexuality. This competency certificate gives the learner an overview of 5 major health issues and how they impact sexuality. 21 AASECT CE’s.

Lifespan Sexual Development Competency Certificate

Lifespan Sexual Development. What is “normal”? Is that even an important concept? This competency certificate takes the learner through the human lifespan from cradle to old age, discussing our sexual development as part of human development via a biopsychosocial perspective. 7.5 AASECT CE’s.

Sex & Tech Competency Certificate

Sex & Tech. This competency certificate gives the learner an overview of often-used technologies; discusses internet use and the challenges this can create as well as the benefits; and confronts the problem of poorly diagnosed and poorly treated compulsive sexual behaviors. 5.5 AASECT CE’s.

Live-streaming ISEE Mini-Programs:

Conflict Transformation: Negotiation, Mediation and Resolution in Your Business with Dr. James Wadley (Streaming Live) October 29, 2022

Streaming Live October 29, 2022 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM ET
Have you ever come across a conflict in a professional situation, but not known the best way to handle it? How do exceptional leaders manage conflict for transformation rather than mere resolution? Given the value-laden nature of sexuality education, clinical engagement, and advocacy, conflicts often occur. Sometimes the resolution of those conflicts leaves one entity feeling unheard, invisible, and less affirmed, and that person or community may become less invested in positive outcomes. For you to be able to navigate challenging circumstances between constituents, you must have a strong conceptualization and understanding of conflict resolution, mediation, and negotiation. This group will help you to compare and contrast four perspectives to conflict resolution: power, rights, interests, and transformation and give you an opportunity to consider the application of tools that can be used in variety of circumstances and settings. 2 AASECT CE’s.

The Power of Inclusivity: Creating the Ultimate Vision in Your Business with Dr. James Wadley (Streaming Live) November 19, 2022

Streaming Live November 19, 2022 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM ET
Many of us are frustrated by the slow or nonexistent changes that we see, and yet we remain dedicated as advocates. How can you as a leader guide an organization that is not yours? We need skills to be able to influence organizations, and organizational leadership and consultation is needed in the field of human sexuality. This group
will help you think and build skills for organizational development, aiding systems to move beyond dysfunctional and oppressive patterns. 2 AASECT CE’s.

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