Supervision of our work makes us better educators, counselors and therapists. 

This type of individualized attention pays off handsomely, not only when we are seeking credentials but also in our day-to-day work as a professional.

ISEE offers more than other programs through choice...access to multiple, talented AASECT Certified Supervisors at a discounted rate. Our Supervisors have a variety of perspectives and life identities and tremendous skill sets. See below for some of the people you can choose!

AASECT Certified Educator Supervisors at ISEE:

Dr. Dischiavo is leaning against an adobe wall, with flowers to her right, smiling and looking upward.

Dr. Rosalyn Dischiavo, MA, CSES

Dr. Rosalyn Dischiavo is the Founder and Director of ISEE, and the author of “The Deep Yes: The Lost Art of True Receiving.” She is a professor, author, an AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator (CSE) and Sex Educator Supervisor (CSES), She is the current President of American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), and the past Chairperson of the Professional Education and Steering Committee on the AASECT Board of Directors (2018-2020). Rosalyn has a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Doctor of Education in Human Sexuality. Contact Dr. Dischiavo

Beth Boatman sitting at desk, smiling into camera. Wearing dark blue blazer

Dr. Elizabeth Boatman, PhD, CSES {she/her}

I recently graduated with a Ph.D. in Family Therapy from Texas Woman’s University where my research focus was in sexual health and cancer. Because I have a family therapy background, I tend to look at everything through a systemic lens. For the past 10 years the main focus of sexuality education has been providing adult pleasure-based education at a local upscale sex toy store, LGBT+ cultural competency trainings for professional organizations, and presentations on illness and sexual health within the health care system.

Read more about Elizabeth...

Although I’m also a licensed relationship therapist (LMFT), my first love is education and teaching sexuality. I especially enjoy creating didactic learning experiences and curriculum writing. As a lifelong resident of the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area, I have learned to navigate teaching and presenting sexuality topics for learners with a wide range of values and beliefs. My most recent adventure is being a new momma to my 4-month-old.

Renee Burwell smiling into the camera. She has dark skin, long brown curly hair and is wearing a black and white patterned shirt

Renée D. Burwell, LCSW, MPA, CST {she/her}

Renée Burwell, LCSW, MPA, CST/S is a skilled psychotherapist and educator with specializations in sex therapy and trauma.  She is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Sex Therapist Supervisor, and a Sex Educator Supervisor in Training. Her practice, Pandora’s Awakening, offers services and educational outreach that help destigmatize mental and sexual health services.  She is a skilled facilitator offering trainings and workshops to healthcare and social services professionals on mental health, sexual health, and reproductive justice.

Read more about Renée...

In addition to her work at Pandora’s Awakening, she is also the executive director of the Tennessee Alliance of Sexual Health, AASECT’s Mid-Continent Representative, a lecturer for University of Michigan and Vanderbilt University, on the community board for Planned Parenthood of Tennessee and North Mississippi, an active member of the Association of Black Sexologist, and is a writer and educator for various mediums including Pure Romance, Bedroom Kandi and CNN.

Melanie Davis smiling into the camera, wearing a black sweater and red scarf

Melanie Davis, PhD, CSC, CSE, CSE-S {she/her}

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to helping you meet your goals for sexuality counseling and education, whether for your professional or for personal use.

My work in sexuality education began in 1984, when I became a Planned Parenthood patient educator.  In 1999, I was trained to facilitate the Our Whole Lives Lifespan Sexuality Education program for young teens, and their parents’ questions led me to create workshops and write Sexuality Talking Points.

Read more about Melanie...

That response to my programs and parent manual led me to enter Widener University’s Graduate Program in Human Sexuality Education, from which I earned MEd and PhD degrees. My dissertation was titled, “Sexuality Education as Perceived by Physicians and Therapists: An Assessment of Attitudes about and Interest in Referring Patients to Sexuality Educators.”

My mission is to help people learn about and enjoy healthy sexuality. 

AASECT Certified Sexuality Counselor Supervisors at ISEE:

Dr. Lori Davis smiling, in a tan jacket with gold framed glasses

Dr. Lori Davis is a CSC-SIT who combines her experience as a nurse practitioner in sex medicine with extensive additional training in sex and relationship counseling to bring clients the true mind-body support needed for fierce intimacy and passionate connection. Her emphasis is on growing her client's capacity for embodied relational living and she draws from the fields of Somatic Experiencing, Inner Relationship Focusing and Relational Life Therapy. She sees clients with a wide range of concerns but specializes in desire discrepancy, low desire, pain with sex, orgasm blocks, erectile and ejaculatory disappointments, and kink. She is passionate about working with new folks entering the fields of sex ed, therapy & counseling and is grateful about the opportunity to continue learning with them. She is in private practice in Ithaca, NY. 

AASECT Certified Sex Therapy Supervisors at ISEE:

Ashlie Befus, LMFT, CST (She, Her)

Ashlie graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy(2010), and has been a licensed (LMFT) since 2012. In 2012,  she received her M.Ed from Widener University, in Human Sexuality, and continued on to earn an Advanced Degree in 2018. Ashlie, became a Certified Sex Therapist (CST), from ASSECT in 2015. In May of 2017, through the present, Ashlie has been running her own private practice in Connecticut called: Pathways to the Heart; Sexuality, Intimacy and Relational Therapy LLC.

Read more about Ashlie...

Ashlie plans to keep growing her practice to eventually include other sex therapists. In her practice her focus is on LBGTQIA+ clients, kink, non-monogamous relationships. She is trained in EMDR. Though she sees clients of all sexual, gender, and relationship dynamics, around any sexual or gender concerns. She also worked with people who committed sexual offences/problematic sexuality. In supervision with Ashlie, you can expect to work with self as a therapist, navigating the content of cases through systemic & sex therapy frame, and giving resources.

Wendy Haggerty, LMFT, CSTS {she/her}

Congratulations on your journey and please reach out if you consider me to be a fit for your supervision needs. I am an LMFT and AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist & Supervisor. I am the founder of Sex and Love Therapy in Connecticut and Florida, where my team and I have served the needs of thousands of individuals, couples, and partners for many years. I am also a former professor of Family Therapy, Human Sexuality & Systemic Sex Therapy at University of Saint Joseph. I have been an active member and volunteer for AASECT over the last decade, serving in several roles including my current position as the AASECT Certification Chair on the Board of Directors.

Read more about Wendy...

I am passionate about mentoring others into our field and appreciate long-standing relationships with those that I have had the honor to work with. I approach supervision intuitively and tailor the experience to best meet the unique needs of each supervisee. 

Paula Leech, LMFT, CST, CSTS

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Family and Human Development at Arizona State University and then went on to receive my Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of Massachusetts. Post family therapy licensure, I became AASECT certified as a Sex Therapist and worked with individuals, relationships, and families in private practice in Quincy, Massachusetts for over ten years.

Read more about Paula...

In that time, I received AASECT certification as a Supervisor of Sex Therapy, and co-founded a sex therapy agency and training institute where we saw clients in addition to training therapists to become competent, confident sex therapists themselves. I continue to regularly present at various training institutes as well as Universities and therapy agencies across the US.

My areas of specialization include treatment of common sexual dysfunctions utilizing Sensate Focus (aka, ED, RE, DE, Vaginismus, Sexual Pain, Anorgasmia, etc), sexual trauma, relationships, non-monogamy, kink, problematic or compulsive sexual behavior, and working with LGBTQ+ clients. 

Samantha Manewitz, MSW

(Supervisor in Training. Hours with Samantha count toward AASECT Certification via her Certified Supervisor)

Samantha Manewitz is an educator and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. She has given presentations to mental health professionals, sex educators, and alt-sex communities on healthy communication, abuse prevention, and mental health in BDSM.

She has been a speaker at CatalystCon West, AASECT’s annual conference, the CARAS conference in Chicago, and the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. Among her specialties are trauma (complex PTSD), sex therapy, Couples therapy (level 2 Gottman trained), and gender affirming care for trans/non binary clients.

Read more about Samantha...

Marc Prevette, CST, LPC, NCC, CPCS

Marcus (Marc) Prevette is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Middle Georgia. He is a graduate of ISEE’s Holistic Sex Therapy program, a Certified Sex Therapist, pursuing his Sex Therapy Supervision credentials, and a Certified Professional Counseling Supervisor. Marc has spoken at universities on the topics of transgender individual care, sexual education in school, male gender and sexual roles, sexual expression with disabilities, and sexuality and aging.

Read more about Marc...

Marc’s educational background was motivated by being a disabled veteran and working with aging populations. He has worked in the following areas: hospitals, crisis centers, community HIV centers, and is currently in private practice.  In addition to these factors, Marc created his own assessment tool that is currently being utilized by several clinicians in Georgia and is working on making this into a book and training in the future. This tool is dealing with understanding personal boundaries and reducing reactive responses.

Dr. Mesha Ellis, Ph.D, CSTS

Mesha Ellis, Ph.D. is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Sex Therapist, certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) as both a Sex Therapist (CST) and a Sex Therapist Supervisor (CSTS).  She is additionally a Certified Gottman Method Therapist. Dr. Ellis has held faculty appointments at Pepperdine’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology and Morehouse School of Medicine. She is licensed to practice as a psychologist in California, Georgia, Nevada, and Tennessee.

Read more about Dr Mesha...

Dr. Ellis earned BA degrees from the University of California at Santa Barbara, an MA from Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology, and completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at The University of Alabama where she specialized in working with children, adolescents, and their families. She completed a predoctoral internship at the University of Chicago Hospitals and received formal forensic training as a postdoctoral fellow in juvenile forensic psychology and adolescent inpatient treatment at The University of Washington.

Dr. Ellis has been practicing for over 15 years and has co-authored several peer-reviewed publications. Her professional memberships include AASECT, the American Psychological Association, The California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, The Los Angeles Bar Association, and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. In her private practice, she specializes in treating sex and relational challenges and provides individual, couple, and family treatment services. She also conducts psychoeducational and court related evaluations. Dr. Ellis additionally provides supervision for those pursing AASECT Sex Therapist certification.

Jodi Williams, MA, LPC, CST, RDT (she/her)

Jodi (she/her) is an AASECT certified sex therapist, a licensed professional counselor, and a registered drama therapist with a private practice in Connecticut. She is pursuing her credential as a Sex Therapy Supervisor. She is a graduate of NYU’s Drama Therapy program and ISEE’s Holistic Sex Therapy Certification. Her post-graduate training includes EMDR basic training (working towards certification), Gottman Level 1 and 2, PACT level 1, Circle of Security, Child-Parent Psychotherapy, Sensate Focus, and hypnotherapy. Her clinical interests include: kink/BDSM, polyamory/CMN, spirituality, working with the LGBTQIA* community, as well as treating trauma, anxiety, and sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, painful sex, desire discrepancy, and helping partner’s build intimacy.

Read more about Jodi...

Her work is creative, somatic, and strength-based, and clients often remark that she's warm, empathic, and direct. On a personal note, Jodi just had her first baby who is 8 months as of writing this bio.

Cay Crow, LPC, CST, CSTS

Cay Crow is a Licensed Professional Counselor and an AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist and Supervisor. She had a private practice in San Antonio, TX for 30 years. Ms. Crow believes in diversifying her work so she teaches Human Sexuality to undergraduates, developed and taught an Adult Sex Education Series at local adult stores in San Antonio and Austin, took every opportunity to give public talks and presentations, wrote a relationship and sexuality column for the San Antonio Express-News, and she has co-hosted a sexual health radio show entitled Night Moves on KSYM 90.1. Currently, her work focuses on supervising future sexuality professionals, teaching, and writing.

Read more about Cay...

“It is difficult for me to believe that I am to the point in my career where I am supervising the next generation of sexologists! I have been a therapist for 30 years and a member of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists since 1999. I will never forget the first conference I attended in Atlanta. I knew that I had found my tribe on the island of misfit toys!

As a supervisor, I like to think I bring the same realness to supervision that I brought to therapy. Providing sex therapy is more challenging than other types of therapy. It requires a therapist who is very clear with boundaries and with their own biases – and everyone has biases when it comes to sex. Part of the supervision process is looking at your biases and deciding where your ‘edges’ are. What are you comfortable working with and what aspects of sexuality can you not be objective about? As a supervisor, I am able to meet therapists where they are; this is a collaboration to integrate novel information and skills into your clinical work. My methodology in supervision is Socratic. I like to listen to how a clinician approaches a case then ask questions that expand the clinician’s perspective. I work from a trauma-informed, systemic, and existential frame of reference. My work with couples is informed by training with The Couple’s Institute (Dr. Ellyn Bader and Dr. Pete Pearson) and inspired by Gottman.”

Thank you!

Miranda Hughes, LMFT, CST

Miranda (she/her) is an AASECT certified sex therapist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist licensed in CT and MA with her office in Salem, MA. 

Miranda graduated from the University of Saint Joseph in West Hartford, CT as a MFT and went on to teach for Saint Joe's Clinical Mental Health program for their Sex Therapy course and Counseling Families course. Miranda began her journey with ISEE in 2013 in the holistic sex therapy program graduating in 2015. She has previous experience in agency supervision and licensing supervision prior to opening her private practice in 2018. 

Read more about Miranda...

In both teaching and supervising Miranda shines a light on self of the therapist issues reflecting her own training as well as creating a collaborative space to connect with others in the field. Miranda has a special interest in creating community among sexuality professionals. 

Miranda's practice specializes in working with poly/CNM, kink and the queer communities. She works with folx of all genders following surgeries that impact sexual functioning as well as pelvic floor pain. 

She is currently a supervisor in training under Paula Leech. 

Renee Burwell smiling into the camera. She has dark skin, long brown curly hair and is wearing a black and white patterned shirt

Renée D. Burwell, LCSW, MPA, CST {she/her}

Renée Burwell, LCSW, MPA, CST/S is a skilled psychotherapist and educator with specializations in sex therapy and trauma.  She is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Sex Therapist Supervisor, and a Sex Educator Supervisor in Training. Her practice, Pandora’s Awakening, offers services and educational outreach that help destigmatize mental and sexual health services.  She is a skilled facilitator offering trainings and workshops to healthcare and social services professionals on mental health, sexual health, and reproductive justice.

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