A Sexual Attitude Reassessment is a workshop that introduces you to a variety of sexual behaviors, orientations and identities. It’s purpose is to investigate our own attitudes, positive and negative biases, and reactions for self-knowledge as well as professional conduct. SAR is always taught live, either streaming or in person. By examining our attitudes, values, and emotions, we can be better equipped as educators, counselors, clinicians and therapists to serve our clients and students with the utmost integrity and respect.


SAR is not a class so much as it is a process.


During a Sexual Attitude Reassessment a workshop we do not teach much academic information. SAR consists of introducing a number of different ideas such as lesser-known orientations (sapiosexual, demisexual, pansexual, etc.), various behaviors (i.e. bondage, polyamory, domination/submission, fetishes, etc.) and many identities (i.e. dominant/submissive, Black, Latinx, Queer). The process also explores how multiple identities, lifestyles and orientations may intersect and interact (i.e. relationship anarchist, fem domme, boi, twink, graysexual).

Who is SAR for?

The ISEE SAR is primarily geared toward professionals who may come across sexual material, sexual concerns of clients or patients, or who teach human sexuality in any capacity. However,  SAR is helpful for any adult to learn more about themselves, and it can be a wonderful tool for couples to explore ideas and feelings together.

What you need to know before taking a SAR workshop:

SAR includes sexually explicit media as well as panels of speakers. You may opt out of any particular media, however, we ask that you examine your decision beforehand. The SAR material and content is carefully curated and each piece is chosen for multiple reasons including representation of many identities, accurate depiction of behavior, and sharing the lived experiences of real people rather than using entertainment media, which can create negative impressions, unnecessary concern, and erroneous information. 

    • SAR requires you to be self-contemplative.

    • Small groups are a big part of the SAR process.

    • We encourage you to bring your own process of self-inquiry into the SAR space.

    • SAR can be very emotional, for many reasons.

    • The ISEE SAR does not seek to shock as some SAR workshops do. Instead we seek to help you to become sensitive to your own responses and reactions, and this process can be intense, beautiful, anxiety producing or liberating.

During SAR you will learn:

    • More about the field of human sexuality.

    • Multiple sexual orientations, multiple gender identities, multiple relationship styles.

    • About yourself, your feelings, your reactions, responses and attitudes.

    • To be better prepared to handle questions from clients, patients or students.

    • To feel more comfortable discussing sexual concerns.


(For how many, please refer to the specifics of your SAR). You can use the ISEE SAR CE’s toward Merican Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) certification. ISEE is an approved provider of AASECT CE’s. Please note that attendance at AASECT CE events, even if approved, does not guarantee certification by AASECT. Please see aasect.org for more information.

ISEE Advanced SAR must be preceded by a regular SAR, and does not qualify for a general SAR toward initial AASECT Certification. Please go to a general ISEE SAR first.

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Anatomy Activity

BDSM/Kink toy display at SAR

In-person SAR Class Kink Display

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Peer Connections

Dr Rosalyn Dischiavo

Dr. Rosalyn Dischiavo EdD, MA, CSES, is a sexologist, professor, former family therapist, and a professional sexuality educator. She is the Founder & Director of Institute for Sexuality Education & Enlightenment, and the author of “The Deep Yes, the Lost Art of True Receiving.” Dr. Dischiavo is also currently President of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) as well as past Professional Education Steering Committee Chair on the Board of AASECT. She is a Certified Sexuality Educator and a Certified Sexuality Educator Supervisor.

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