A Sexual Attitude Reassessment is a workshop that introduces you to a variety of sexual behaviors, orientations and identities. It's purpose is to investigate our own attitudes, positive and negative biases, and reactions for self-knowledge as well as professional conduct. SAR is always taught live, either streaming or in person. By examining our attitudes, values, and emotions, we can be better equipped as educators, counselors, clinicians and therapists to serve

What is SAR (Sexual Attitude Reassessment)?

I was in my third trimester of a respected Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program when a classmate of mine fired the question to the director of our division.  “Where’s our sex class?” she asked. The answer was nowhere. We didn’t have one.We could take it as an elective, we were told. To do this, we had to compete with the division of counseling psychology for spots in the class

No Sex in School

I am the founder and director of the Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment (ISEE), a professional training program for educators, counselors, and therapists.  The vast majority of the people who come to our program are professional psychotherapists who wish to have advanced knowledge of sexual problems so that they are well-trained in their practice, and health and sex educators who wish to make sure that their information is well-rounded,

Why We Should Certify Sex Workers

This speech was modified for a blog post. It was originally given at the AASECT Institute, “The Body Whisperers, Body Work in the Sexuality Fields” in New Orleans, November 2019. I was asked to post it by multiple people, so I have de-contextualized some of it from the Institute, which was about erotic body work, and am posting it here. To all at the Institute–thank you for your overwhelming support.The

On Body Work and the Sexuality Professions