High quality human sexuality education and training for professionals since 2011

Welcome to a learning place that is inclusive, holistic, cutting edge and deeply human!

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About ISEE

ISEE has consistently offered the highest quality of any program of its kind in the United States. I send all of my supervisees to ISEE."

~AASECT Supervisor

Sexuality Education Trainings:

Our Holistic Sex Education Training Program HSET

offers over 200 hours of comprehensive training in Holistic Sex Education. Our embodied approach is backed by research and offers superior learning and integration with practice. You will also receive access to supervision. You can use all of these hours toward AASECT certification.

Our Sexual Wellness Education and Enlightenment Training SWEET Certificate

is a fully self-paced, 100-hour, online and holistic, sexual wellness program for anyone over 18 years old who wants to broaden their knowledge in topics of sexuality. There are no prerequisites and the program can be started immediately. Because it is recorded, classes can be watched in any time zone, at any time.

Sex Therapy and Counseling Programs:

Our Holistic Sex Therapy Training Program

offers over 200 hours of comprehensive training in holistic methods of sex therapy and counseling. This program is for those who are already a counselor, therapist or clinician, or in the second year of a graduate program. You will receive access to reduced-rate supervision. You may use all of these hours toward AASECT certification*.

Our Advancing Clinical Education in Sexuality (ACES) Program

offers 30 hours of recorded classes, and is for any clinician or health care professional who wants professional training in human sexuality. All classes offer AASECT CE’s*. The program can be started immediately and classes can be taken in any time zone, at any time.

Online Classes & Webinars

At ISEE, we offer more than 100 online streaming classes and recorded webinars about human sexuality, BDSM, Tantra and sacred sexuality, relationships, LGBTQIA as well as many other subjects that anyone over 18 can take at any time. Our streaming classes allow you to meet others and network in group discussions in every class.

Streaming Courses for Anyone

Live workshops for your personal growth and/or professional development. Topics are diverse and intersect with sexuality and life in a holistic way.

In-Person Classes

ISEE opened up in-person classes in fall of 2022. You can choose the option to take classes face-to-face in Northampton, Massachusetts in July of 2023. Classes offer up to 36 AASECT* and ISEE CE’s. Please see below for our offerings.

Who are ISEE programs and classes for?

  • Mental Health Practitioners
  • All genders
  • Healthcare professionals
  • LGBTQIA+ people
  • Education professionals
  • Aspiring sex educators
  • Aspiring sex therapists
  • Activists
  • 18+ in age
  • Midwives and doulas
  • Certified behavior analysts
  • People from all political views
  • LGBTQIA+ people
  • People from all religions
  • Authors, bloggers & influencers
  • Tantra and sacred sexuality teachers

Why should you choose ISEE?

  • You will make lifelong friends.
  • Attentive staff is available to help you along the way.
  • Our Office Manager is available by phone, email or zoom.
  • We understand your need for connection and community.
  •  You can be certified, offering you credentials and more credibility.
  • We have a strong commitment to anti-racism, anti-oppression and representation.
  • Our streaming classes allow you to meet others and network in group discussions in every class.
  • The Learning Technology Specialist is accessible for any Learning Management System questions.
  • We have student-led activities and events such as book clubs, after class parties, dance zooms, and more. 
  • Our Core knowledge classes include people from all walks of life, which enriches your learning experience.
  • Our Skills Training classes include people from your own discipline of therapy, education, or counseling, which allows for deeper discussions and networking with colleagues.

See what our students say about ISEE:

You don’t need another college degree to receive excellent professional development and skills training in the fields of sexual health, education, counseling and therapy.

Do you need a safer space for all of your identities?

Are you looking for certification or an AASECT-approved training program?*

Do you crave community in your work?

Do you want to learn from the very top people in the field?

Do you crave a spiritual connection or component in your learning?

We provide like-minded community to learn and grow, exceptional instructors who teach about the whole person, staff to help you through the journey, access to incredible supervisors, and networking for your business.

This is how we make your life better at ISEE:

  • We provide a collaborative and creative space for your growth, liberation and development.
  • We expand your definitions and practices of sex education, therapy, and counseling to include a holistic vision.
  • You will learn healing, pleasure and social justice in an environment that acknowledges the person inside the professional.
  • You will be able to use the power of our community for transformation of others and the world.

At ISEE, we accomplish this through:

  • Hiring or contracting vendors, staff and faculty who share our values and present classes with social justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), and holistic lenses
  • Embodied exercises
  • Attention to your mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health 
  • Fair financial practices to enrich all people involved (including ISEE and AASECT*)
  • Valuing relationships above other concerns

Our holistic and inclusive approach makes us unique. We've successfully graduated students all over the world since 2011.

We're also an AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists) approved CE provider*.

This program meets the requirements for the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) and is approved for CE credits. These CE credits may be applied toward AASECT Certification and renewal of certification. Institute for Sexuality Education & Enlightenment, Provider #11-113-C. Completion of this program does not ensure or guarantee AASECT Certification. For further information please contact [email protected].

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